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Formation :

The Durgapur Projects Limited  is a Government Company incorporated on 6th September, 1961 , consisting of Coke Oven Batteries, Bye-products Plant, Gas Grid Project, Thermal Power Plant and Water Works. It is under the administrative control of the Department of Power, Government of West Bengal.

Location :

The Company’s Plants and  Administrative Offices  are located  within 3 km   from Durgapur Railway Station and 1 km from the G. T. Road.

Business :

The Durgapur Projects Limited  is  the first undertaking of  the  State Government  which has been engaged in  development of infrastructure  for  Industries and  was given the stature of an ‘Industry for Industries’. It has helped in development of various large, medium and small scale industries in and around Durgapur and also at other places within the State.

Activities :

1.  Generation of  power  and   its distribution  at 11KV  in  its licensed area at Durgapur and transmission of surplus power to WBSEB.

2.  Production  of   Metallurgical  Coke  of  Blast Furnace,  Foundries etc., Coke Oven Gas as industrial fuel  and Crude Coal Tar avaiable from its  Recovery type  of Coke Oven Batteries.

3.  Treatment and distribution of water for drinking and industrial use.

Infrastructure :

Land 1910 acres comprising 1060 acres for Plant and 850 acres   for Township.
Railway Network Separate Railway Exchange Yard (DCOP Siding) with  Railway maintained Weighbridge  facility.

Power Plant :

The Company   is   generating   power  from  its   six power units with an aggregate capacity of 395 M.W and   distributing    to   its    consumers   of     various categories located in its command area at Durgapur and   the surplus  power  is  transmitted  through the West   Bengal  State  Electricity   Board   Grid. The Company ensures steady and uninterrupted supply of power to its consumers.

Power Plant

     Unit   No.

         Year of commissioning

       Present Capacity

Renovated Capacity
         I                      10.8.60             30 MW             30 MW
         II                       10.6.60             30 MW             30 MW
         III                       23.6.64             70 MW               77 MW
         IV                       29.6.64             70 MW             77 MW
          V                         4.7.66             77 MW             77 MW
         VI                         1.1.87           110 MW           110 MW

Coke Oven          : 3  Number  4.5 mitre  tall  recovery type Coke Oven Batteries with 100 oven of width 400 mm along with Coal Washery and Bye-products Plant. Present Production capacity is 27,000 M.T. which can be increased to 40,000 M. T. with commissioning of 3rd Battery.

Water Works     : Originally commissioned  with a capacity of 6 MGD in  1960. The Water Works  was expanded upto the capacity   41 MGD of water treatment plant for water available  from Durgapur Barrage on   River  Damodar  of  DVC  for  use  in  Company's Plant, Township  and  other  industries  and domestic consumers.

Transmission & Distribution       :

The transmission and distribution system of DPL with jurisdiction of an area of about 60 sq kilometers includes the following :-

a) 132 KV  transmission line measuring 19 circuit  kilometers served through three      sub-stations of 180 MVA capacity.

b) 11 KV transmission/distribution line measuring  393 circuit kilometers

c) LT distribution line network measuring 4250.5 circuit kilometers.

Renovation, Modernisation and Upgradation of Power Units :

The   Units 1 to 5 Power  Plant  are  being  totally  renovated   and  modernised  with  a project cost of  Rs. 363 crores carried  out by  M/S  Powerplant Improvement  Ltd (a joint   venture of Siemens  AG and  BHEL) to be completed in plases by 31.3.3001. As a result the plant availability will be over 80% and PLF should  increase upto 63.5% and there shall be availability of  substantial power without interruption.

Special Incentive for new industries :

The power tariff of DPL includes attraction for new industries based on Load Factor, Power Factor, Payment through L/C etc.  Some new  residential  units have been set up in Durgapur and are availing such incentives.

Growth of power demand :

There  has  been   inclusion  of  new  industrial consumers with a contract demand of about 30 MVA  which is expected to  increase by another about 50 MVA in near future.

Environmental activities :

The waste water of Power Plant is treated in Ash Pond for sedimentation of pollutants whereas the coke oven waste   water containing  toxic chemicals is treated by root zone oxidation system and clear water meeting the prescribed  standard  is  discharged.  For   air  pollution  control  ESPs  have  been installed/being upgraded to maintain prescribed norms.


DPL Power  Station has been given incentive award for reduced specific secondary fuel consumption and auxiliary power consumption by the Ministry of Power, Government of India on two occasions.