(3X 200 KW)

Sidrapong Hydel Power Station

November 10, 1897 was an epoch-making day in the power sector in India. A century back, on this day, the first hydel power station in India, and reportedly in Asia too, was commissioned at Sidrapong near Darjeeling town, the first power utility run on commercial basis for use of general public, heralding the electrical-energy-era in the Indian sub-continent, and ushering in a revolutionary change in the socio-cultural and economic life of Indian society.Quite appropriately, the Govt. of India declared Sidrapong Hydel Power Station as a 'HERITAGE POWER STATION' of India on the eve of its centenary. West Bengal occupies an unique position in the history of power development in India.


Location :-

At the foot-hills of Arya Tea Estate, about 12 km from Darjeeling town via Bloomfield Tea Estate at an altitude Of 3600 ft.

Source of Water :-


Min. discharge

Barbatia river

4 .00 cusecs

Kotwali river

1 .50 cusecs

Hospital jhora

3 .00 cusecs


Installed Capacity 3 sets of 200 KW each commissioned on 10th November, 1897.
Derated Capacity 500 KW
Gross Head 275 ft.
Intake Weir Diversion type
Flume Line Fed by three flumes :
Flume Length Size
Barbatia 2500 ft. 2’0"x2’0"
Kotwali 1700 ft. 2’0"x2’0"
Hospital 3200 ft. 2’0"x2’0"

(all of black plain steel sheets folded in rectangular shape and bolted longitudinally).

Penstock :-

Two Nos. 18" dia for M/C No. 3 & 22" dia for M/C No. 1 and 2 Length 720 ft &
725 ft

Forebay Tank :-

Area Capacity
223’x60’x15’ 1,65,910 cft
112’x49’x12’ 68,432 cft