West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA) was established in 1993 with the  objective of promoting Renewable Energy Technologies  and create an environment friendly development   of industries based on renewable energy technologies  in the State. WBREDA has been  pursuing this policy vigorously and has implemented a large number  of development  programmes related to Solar, Small  Hydro, Biomass, Wind, etc. 

To-day, the State of West Bengal is  implementing one of the largest programmes on Renewable Energy in  India covering a broad spectrum  of energy technologies like Solar Thermal, Solar Photovoltaic, Wind Turbines, Improved Chulhas, Biogas  Plants, Biomass Gasifier, Small Hydro and Tidal Power etc. These   activities are, mainly, taking place in areas where it is very  difficult, cost prohibitive or almost impossible to supply power through conventional grid.

The estimated potential of important Renewable Sources of  Energy in West   Bengal  is  furnished below :-

  Sl. No.          Sources/Systems          Potential
     1. Biogas Plants (Nos.)       0.7 Million
      2. Improved Chulhas (Nos)         6.6 Million
      3. Biomass Based Power         200 MW
      4. Solar Energy         20 MW per sq. K.M.
      5. Wind Energy         115 MW
     6. Small Hydro Power        250  MW
     7.    Tidal  Power        100 MW
     8. Urban & Industrial Wastes            250 MW     

Achievements  of  WBREDA   at  a  glance

   1. No. of villages electrified  through Solar  PV 124 Nos.
   2. No. of  villages electrified through Biomass Based power   generation. 6 Nos.
   3. No. of  Solar  Home  Lighting   Systems    provided. More than 10,000
   4. No. of   Solar  Street  Lights Working More than   700
   5. No.  of  Biogas  Plants  installed . 1.10 lacs.
   6. No.  of  Improved  Chulhas installed.   2.70 lacs.
   7. Small  Hydel Power  Plants  under installation.   3 MW
   8. Small  Hydel Power  Plants  (Renovation).   4.8 MW

Renewable  Energy  Power  Projects  in  the   pipeline

   1.     Tidel   Power   Plants   3 MW
   2.    Biomass   Based   Power    Plants   1 MW
   3.    Wind   Power   Generation    2  MW
   4.    Small   Hydel   Power    Generation    12  MW
   5.    Solar   PV  Power   Generation    400 MW

WBREDA  has  set up  the  largest  Energy Education Park   in the country at E.M. Bypass, Calcutta.  Recently,  WBREDA  has constructed its Administrative Building with Solar Passive  Architectural   Concept  and  a Grid-Connected 25  KW  Solar PV Power   Plant.  This is unique in the country.